matomo stats – Search for Greek bulk olive oils for sale

What is is an innovative open platform, with comprehensive information of available, for sale in bulk, extra virgin or virgin Greek olive oils, single varietal or blends. The platform is constantly updated with new information on available olive oils by olive oil producers, olive oil mill owners or traders, and generally anyone interested in selling bulk olive oil.

The platform contains for each olive oil available for sale, all the necessary information that an interested buyer usually requests, namely its chemical and organoleptic (sensory) characteristics.

The organoleptic characteristics are recorded by the seller, on the publication form of olive oil for sale and are always covered by a relevant panel test certificate (not by an individual assessment). Likewise for basic chemical characteristics. The certificates are requested in a second phase during the seller-buyer communication.

If someone is interested in an olive oil blend, the platform allows reporting the % percentages of the olive oils that make up the blend. does not intervene in the buying and selling of olive oils, does not record prices, nor has any financial benefit or claim from the transaction. All arrangements between seller and buyer are made at their own risk.

The use of the platform is free for everyone, without limitation. is a contribution to the world of olive oil, covering an unfulfilled need.