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How does work?
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How does work?

Sellers and Buyers are the participants of

Sellers are those who want to sell their bulk olive oils, whether they are olive oil producers, olive mill owners, or traders. They register at through the page (Seller Login >) Registration of a new Seller. They thus obtain their personal area, from where they can publish quantities of olive oil (with chemical, organoleptic characteristics, etc.), manage (delete) already published quantities and change their access information (email, password) . Prices are not listed anywhere.

Buyers are those who want to buy bulk olive oils with specific characteristics (chemical, organoleptic, etc.). They use their Search for olive oils for sale and they look for the published quantities of the Sellers. When they find a quantity with the characteristics they have defined, they send a contact request (email) to the Seller of that quantity, through a contact form. From then on, any communication between the Seller and the Buyer takes place on their own initiative and responsibility, outside of Anyone can be a buyer and there is no need to register at

Effort has been made for to be simple in its use by everyone. If anything needs improvement or correction, please Contact us, so we can fix it.

Forgot your password?
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Go from the site menu Seller Login in the Forgot your password? Enter your email and press Request a new password.

A WordPress login screen will then appear, ignore it!

Check your email. There must have been an email with a subject [] Password reset. Open it and visit the address it says at the bottom.

You'll get a WordPress screen again, this time useful. Read the instructions and enter your new password or accept the suggested one (if you can remember it!). Press Reset password and then you get a wordpress screen saying your password has been reset.

That's it.

Press Back to and do Login with the new password.

You will also receive an email with the subject [] Password change notification, which simply confirms your password change.