What is EVOO.gr? – EVOO.gr

What is EVOO.gr?

EVOO.gr is an innovative open platform with information of Greek unbottled extra virgin, virgin, monovarietal or blend olive oils, which are for sale. The platform is constantly updated with new information by olive oil producers, olive mill owners, olive oil merchants, or anyone interested to sell unbottled olive oil.

Chemical and sensory (organoleptic) characteristics of olive oils which are for sale, are included in the platform, for any potential buyers to check.

Sensory characteristics are provided by the sellers, the relevant panel test certificate issued by an accredited lab (not a single individual) should be available at a later time. The same applies to the chemical characteristics. Certificates are not uploaded here.

If someone is interested in olive oil blends, the platform gives the percentages of the consisting olive oils.

EVOO.gr does not interfere with the sales, it does not record prices and it does not charge sales. Actually, EVOO.gr does not know if there is a sale or not, as after first buyer-seller contact, all later communication is done outside of EVOO.gr.

Use of EVOO.gr is free of charge for everyone, with no restrictions.

EVOO.gr is a contribution to the Greek olive oil world, trying to fill a present gap.